Improve the quality of your delivery service and maximize the number of customers you are able to serve. Create new logistics solutions with Mappable technologies.

Route Planning

Simplify route planning for deliveries using Navigation and Routes API. Reduce logistical errors with address autocomplete.

Address autocomplete

The Suggest tool, part of the Neurogeocoder API, will help your customers and employees to enter data quickly and correctly on your website, CRM, or app, ensuring faster and error-free operations.

Fast planning of a large number of routes

In addition to the distances between points, the planning takes into account traffic jams for the time you have set – you won't have to double-check your routes before your vehicles leave. Plus, you can optimize fleet utilization and minimize downtime.

Order Delivery

Make the delivery process seamless with precise turn-by-turn routes and proactive customer notification of shipment arrival. The latter will help prepare for unloading and reduce waiting time at each location.

Clear routes and road safety for drivers

Build convenient navigation and detailed turn-by-turn routes into your app. The driver will see which points to visit and in what sequence. And while driving, thanks to our technology, the driver will be able to receive in-app notifications about cameras, speed limits, obstacles, accidents, and repairs on the road. That way, you’ll make trips safer for both the driver and the cargo.

Keep your customers up to date

Increase customer loyalty with a transparent and predictable delivery process. With our solutions, you’ll be able to display real-time information about the location of the shipment on the map, allowing customers to prepare for receiving their order.

Geoanalytics for business development

Compare distances from existing warehouses to points of interest or new delivery areas. Analyze your competitors’ locations and how close they are to you. Mark out zones for pedestrians, couriers on foot and couriers on other modes of transportation. All of this will help you effectively plan your logistics, including warehouse locations and order pickup points.

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