Get new customers by creating convenient, map-linked databases directly on your sites and applications.

Object search and display on the map

Use our maps as a sales tool. By seeing your properties on a map, it will be easier for users to evaluate transport accessibility, availability of shops, parks and other desirable infrastructure that influence the decision of renting or buying. You can also add customizable filters for convenient browsing and searching.

Highly customizable maps

With JavaScript API or MapKit SDK, you’ll get detailed interactive maps to display your infrastructure and visually set yourself apart from competitors.

Fast-loading data

Our solutions provide fast loading speeds even for a large number of objects on the map. Combine the map with customizable filters, that’ll make the search as convenient as possible for your customers.

Interactive database with links to the map

Maps can serve as the foundation for any object database. For example, job search services can show the location of the employer and average salaries by area for each vacancy. Aggregators of beauty salons, cafes, and other organizations can add photos and information about their services and prices to the map. In general, the map can be updated with anything that will attract your customers. Convenient filters will help clients to find what they need among a variety of options, moving them faster to a deal.

Get started!

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