Navigation and routes

Create new logistics solutions and optimize existing ones. Build routes that take traffic forecasts and other parameters into account.

MapKit SDK

Allows you to embed interactive maps into iOS and Android mobile apps and give users access to Mappable’s technology and cartographic data.


bulletAccess up-to-date cartographic data and display maps in your applications. bulletSearch for businesses and points of interest (POI). bulletPlot driving, bicycle, and walking routes based on road conditions. bulletAdd map layers with traffic, street panoramas, and other data.

Benefits for your business

bulletCreate customized maps tailored to your business needs and app design. bulletAutofill addresses to boost your checkout conversion rate. bulletMake your locations stand out on the map and hide the locations of your competitors. bulletAllow your users to plot routes for walking and various types of transportation. bulletShow your couriers and drivers the best route from point to point.

How the MapKit SDK works

Comes in two options: light Basic map features with a traffic layer, offline maps, and user location display. This option helps you shrink the size of your app. full This has all the light version’s features, along with the plotting of driving, cycling, walking, and public transit routes, location search, geocoding, and in-app panoramas.

Use cases

Companies use MapKit SDK to show locations and directions in mobile apps. The locations can be ATMs, marketplace pickup points, retailers’ warehouses, and many others.

Distance Matrix

Calculates travel time and route length for all combinations of origins and destinations. Works over the HTTPS protocol.


bulletCalculates routes for a specified time, taking into account predicted traffic jams and historical congestion stats. bulletRoutes for different modes of travel — on foot, by car or public transport. bulletOption to exclude the use of toll roads. bulletAutomatic linking of inquiry points to the road graph. bulletFast response when requesting large matrices.

Benefits for your business

bulletCreate B2B and B2C logistics solutions. bulletOptimize routes for couriers based on traffic forecasts and mode of travel. bulletFind the organizations you want along with the quickest ways to reach them from your starting point.

How Distance Matrix works

bulletAllows you to calculate route length and duration. The calculation is performed for all combinations of departure and destination points. bulletThe API response contains a distance matrix in JSON-format, as well as information about the duration of each generated segment. bulletRoad congestion and traffic jam forecasts are always taken into account when calculating the time required to complete a segment.

Use cases

Companies use MapKit SDK to show locations and directions in mobile apps. The locations can be ATMs, marketplace pickup points, retailers’ warehouses, and many others.

Retrieving Route Details

The API plots the optimal route between two or more points on the map. The calculations take the mode of travel into account — whether the user is travelling by car, public transport, or on foot. Traffic jams can also be forecast for a specified time. It all works over the HTTPS protocol.


bulletPlot a detailed route with turns, forks, and up-to-date information about driving conditions (signs, speed limits, speed bumps, and so on). bulletConstruction of routes through several intermediate points. bulletTake predicted and historical traffic jams for the set time and method of transport into account. bulletOption of excluding the use of toll roads. bulletAutomatic binding of request points to the road graph.

Business benefits

bulletCreate and upgrade B2B and B2C logistics solutions. bulletAssist your drivers with turn-by-turn navigation, helping them find the path that best matches their demands: shortest, fastest, cheapest, and so on.

How Retrieving route details works

In response, the API provides a route split into several segments. Each section consists of several steps represented by polylines. Each segment includes the road quality data and estimated time.

Use cases

This API is used to optimize the delivery of goods to end users or distribution centers, and build routes for personnel who service equipment, as well as other logistics-related tasks. Often used by online grocery delivery services, banks, and FMCG companies.

An add-on for the MapKit SDK, the NaviKit SDK gives you the tools you need to integrate navigation features into your app. Use advanced navigation technologies to plan and customize routes for light and heavy vehicles.


bulletUse a ready-made toolkit to develop navigation features for your app and customize them for your business needs. bulletPlan detailed door-to-door routes that account for traffic and the type of transportation, be it a car or a truck. bulletSet route parameters (like avoiding toll roads and picking routes suitable for specific vehicle dimensions). bulletBuild in the limitations you need for drivers, like maximum speed or uninterrupted travel time. bulletCreate your own voice prompts or use our built-in voiceovers, so drivers can hear directions while they're en route and keep their eyes on the road. bulletGet alternative routes when road conditions change or a faster option appears.

Benefits for your business

bulletSettle for nothing less than the navigation features your business needs, especially if you have your eye on specialized functionality or full-cycle logistics (from assignment to directions). bulletStreamline routes for your drivers, leading them right to their destination without delays. bulletMake life easier for your operators — drivers with detailed turn-by-turn directions don't need to call in for clarifications as often. bulletBoost the quality of your services by tracking your drivers on the map and ensuring they adhere to regulations.

How NaviKit SDK works

This cross-platform add-on for MapKit SDK has all the tools you need to enhance your iOS or Android app with turn-by-turn navigation. With it, you can display routes that account for traffic conditions and speed limits, find convenient alternative routes in case road conditions change, set up navigation with voice prompts, and more.

Use cases

NaviKit SDK can be useful for car manufacturers, mining companies, and any businesses which involve delivery and logistics services. With it, you can integrate a branded navigator into on-board car computers or develop your own mobile app with navigation features specifically tailored to your business needs. For example, logistics managers can set rules for safe cargo transportation by customizing speed limits and setting the maximum time allowed for uninterrupted driving. Additionally, mining companies can provide advance warnings about turns to allow more time for maneuvers on complex routes.

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