E-commerce and Retail

Use Mappable technologies to build an effective order and delivery cycle: from quick address entry on the website to planning optimal routes for couriers.

Increase online checkout conversion

Increase conversion thanks to the convenient selection of stores and pickup points on the map. Speed up checkout with address autocomplete making the process as seamless as possible for users.

Fast-loading customizable maps

Show the location of your stores and pickup locations and hide your competitors’ locations so they don’t distract your customers. The map loads quickly in all browsers. It can be branded or styled to match your website or app design.

Store and pickup point filter

Use the Organization Search API so that customers can easily filter stores, warehouses, and pick-up points by relevant parameters and locations. This will make interacting with your site or app more convenient, increase conversion rates and boost the likelihood of repeat business.

Address auto-complete and geocoding

Easy and fast address entry by customers at checkout increases the number of completed orders. It also helps to reduce the number of delivery errors. Especially if you simultaneously show the delivery location on the map — that’s where Suggest and Neurogeocoder come in.

Help for logistics professionals

Make delivery planning easier. With Mappable, your delivery team will be able to select the most suitable couriers for a specific route, optimize delivery routes and costs, and build routes that take into account traffic at the time they need.

Mark delivery zones on the map

This function will help you determine delivery costs in your area and quickly define the best delivery method — by bike, car, or a courier on foot. Everything to make deliveries as fast and efficient as possible.

Build routes based on traffic forecasts for a specific period of time

Your logistics team will no longer need to double-check delivery times before sending out a courier. All routes are precisely planned in advance, as the API will take the traffic forecast at the time of the planned departure into account.

Delivering orders to the customer

Good delivery service has a direct impact on customer loyalty and repeat order rate. Improve these metrics by reducing courier holdups and making the delivery process more transparent to your clients.

Clear routes for couriers

Integrate our APIs into your system to help your couriers deliver more orders on time. Send them step-by-step routes, showing in what order to visit the points and where the required entrance to the building is located. This will help couriers navigate in unfamiliar areas faster and find addresses without unnecessary calls to the operator.

Predictable order delivery for customers

It’s important for customers to see the live location of their order and know its delivery time. This allows them to plan their daily routine without any additional worries. With our APIs, you’ll be able to show the delivery of each order directly on the map and accurately predict the time of arrival. This will not only increase customer satisfaction, but also reduce the load on your call center.

Geoanalytics for business development

Mark the location of your own and your competitors’ stores, dark stores, and order pickup points on the map. Estimate the number of potential customers in different areas. All of this will allow you to more accurately plan and manage the placement of your infrastructure, and, accordingly, provide faster delivery of goods and better service.

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