Geocoding and search

Set up automatic geocoding and easy search by address, coordinates, and other parameters


Geocoder is an API for the automatic translation of coordinates into addresses and vice versa. The geocoder can be accessed via HTTPS and JavaScript API.


bulletShow a location on the map by specifying its address or coordinates. bulletDisplay a location’s address or coordinates when you click on the map.

Benefits for your business

bulletSimplify the calculation of delivery costs by defining zones or city districts by address. bulletEnhance and structure address information. bulletShow stores, warehouses, offices, and their addresses on the map.

How the features work

If you enter the following query: «Al Quoz Industrial Area 1, Hadaeq Mohammed Bin Rashid, Emirate of Dubai,» the geocoder will display its coordinates as [25.141520, 55.226136]. If you enter its coordinates [25.141520, 55.226136], into it, it will return the address: «Al Quoz Industrial Area 1, Hadaeq Mohammed Bin Rashid, Emirate of Dubai.»

Use cases

Geocoder helps online stores, real estate directories, retailers, and logistics services quickly translate large address volumes into coordinates and vice versa.

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