Geocoding and search

Set up AI-powered geocoding and intuitive search functionality for addresses, coordinates, and other parameters


The Neurogeocoder API converts coordinates into the address format you need or works in reverse. Powered by machine learning and AI, the Neurogeocoder dynamically adapts to offer accurate results. The API can be accessed via HTTPS, the JavaScript API and the MapKit SDK


bulletLets you display addresses entered by users on a map or the reverse, turn a point on the map into a street address bulletThe API allows you to quickly convert large numbers of addresses into latitude and longitude coordinates and vice versa bulletAbility to process a variety of address formats bulletAddresses are split into components, letting you cut out what you don't need and group the rest bulletInterprets unstructured location queries, including typos and errors, ensuring precise and reliable location results bulletRecognizes local expressions for streets, buildings, or roads, and accurately maps them to specific addresses or points

Benefits for your business

bulletSimplify the calculation of delivery costs by defining zones or city districts by address bulletEnrich and structure address and geolocation information bulletAdd your stores, warehouses, offices, and other places on the map bulletHandle complex address systems with ease, for example, in Middle Eastern countries

How the Neurogeocoder API works

For example, whether you enter a specific street address like "25, 4 Lane, Al Quoz Industrial 1, Al Quoz Industrial, Hadaeq Mohammed Bin Rashid, Dubai" or broader location details, the Neurogeocoder will use intelligent algorithms to provide accurate latitude and longitude coordinates on the map [25°08'29.5"N 55°13'34.1"E]. And if we input the coordinates instead, it will work the same way in reverse.

Use cases

The Neurogeocoder helps online stores, real estate directories, retailers, mobile operators, logistics, and other services quickly translate large address volumes into coordinates and vice versa, as well as process complex or specific location queries.


An API for quickly entering and verifying organization names and addresses. Integrate it into your site, app, or CRM to simplify filling out forms and typing out addresses.


bulletMake it easier for customers and employees to type out addresses by providing autofill options and hints to assist them. bulletMinimize mistakes made when entering city, street, and organization names. bulletCustomize how your hints are formatted to focus specifically on the address components you need. bulletUse it together with the JavaScript API and MapKit SDK to enable searching for addresses on the map.

Benefits for your business

bulletIncrease the number of users who complete orders for your products and services — fast address entry means customers are more likely to finish the order process instead of getting stuck halfway.. bulletAvoid misdeliveries — with correct and precise addresses, couriers will know exactly where to go. bulletSimplify entry for orders and forms that include addresses — this makes it easier for customers to enter them even on smaller screens. bulletStreamline the work of your support service workers — with fewer mistakes entering addresses for orders, users are less likely to reach out to them for help.

How Geosuggest works

As users enter the first few letters of an address, the API returns the most relevant one. You can preset the location of the user or the area of the map they're working with so Geosuggest can narrow down the list of possible addresses.

Use cases

Geosuggest saves the users' time spent entering addresses on websites and in apps. This includes entering addresses for purchases, deliveries, or documents for banks, visa centers, and governmental organizations. Additionally, it streamlines the work of call center employees and logistics managers by minimizing address entry errors during customer interactions.

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