Government Sector

Simplify employees’ work with large volumes of address data and visualize service areas for the visitors of your branches. Display the movement of public transport and optimize municipal vehicle routes. All made possible with Mappable technologies.

Extensive address database

With our accurate and detailed maps, you’ll have data on the location of buildings and the organizations located at these addresses even for businesses outside of urban centers. Our organization search API allows you to compile databases of organizations by type of their activity, location and other parameters, for example all sports facilities in a certain area.


Neurogeocoder will help you to organize your index and address database and to reduce errors by converting coordinates into standardized addresses and vice versa.

Infrastructure objects on the map

You can mark social objects, places of interest and much more on our maps — all for the convenience of locals and tourists alike.

Filter by parameters

Your clients will easily be able to find post offices, hospitals and other establishments by schedule and type of service with the Organization Search API integrated into your website.

Marking areas on the map

Showcase service areas clearly and direct visitors to the right branches.

Navigation and vehicle tracking

By using Mappable technology, you can show the movement of public transport in real time. Our Routes and Navigation APIs can provide integral assistance in building routes for firefighters, medical workers, police, and utility services, taking into account the traffic conditions.

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