Banks and Telecom

Strengthen your business and increase your customer base with great service and geoanalytics based on Mappable solutions.

Online and in-app service

Help customers to easily find your branches based on the services they need, location, opening hours, and other parameters.

Customer Locator

Neurogeocoder will help you determine where your client is. You’ll be able to show the nearest ATMs, bank branches, or telecom stores without extra queries.

Easy location search

With the Organization Search API, you’ll be able to set up filters so that customers can easily filter for ATMs, bank branches or call centers with the opening hours and services they need at any location they require it.

Routes for card delivery and equipment maintenance

Create convenient routes for employees who service ATMs, telecommunication towers, and other company infrastructure. Control the delivery of debit and / or credit cards to customers.

Traffic-aware routes for a set time

It will be easier for your team to schedule maintenance and delivery routes in advance without having to double-check the chosen route closer to the actual departure time.

A clear route for every driver

Turn-by-turn routes will reduce the pressure on operators by providing couriers and drivers with all necessary information about the route and their next destination.

Geoanalytics for business development

Use our maps to visualize the number of potential customers in different areas. This will help you to select locations for targeted advertising and placement of company infrastructure: ATMs, cell towers, and so on.

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