Maps, navigation and geospatial solutions. Designed for your region, tailored to your business

Boost your services and operations by leveraging powerful and customizable map products that are both locally relevant and accurate. Mappable goes beyond the major western urban hubs to provide granular data and extensive customization opportunities.

Maps for Website, App or CRM

Whether you need a highly customizable interactive map for rich user experience or a light-weight static map – Mappable got your back.

With our mapping solutions, your customers and employees will be able to easily determine delivery areas, find the right offices, stores or ATMs and will have instant access to additional information about them.

Who uses our mapping solutions

Our mapping solutions are used by major e-commerce, logistics and delivery companies, ride-tech and food-tech startups, telecommunications and banking corporations, as well as the public sector.

Geocoding and Search

You can offer your customers an enhanced search experience with our Geosuggest that helps quickly and accurately enter addresses and organization names by offering suggestions as soon as one starts typing the first characters. Our Neurogeocoder and Organization Search will help you to define customers’ locations and enable them to search for places of interest by address, coordinates, opening hours, special offers and many more.

Who uses our search and geocoding solutions

The Geosuggest is a real asset for marketplaces and online stores, delivery services, and government organizations, making it easier for users to enter addresses correctly. Our Neurogeocoder is at the heart of the day-to-day operations of successful ride-hailing and food-tech businesses, while Organization Search is used by major international banks to help customers search for branches and ATMs based on the facilities and services they require.

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Mappable goes beyond major western urban areas

Mappable runs its own data platform where we both produce and process cartographic data. This allows us to adapt our solution to your needs in a quick and reliable way - and, therefore, to offer locally-relevant mapping and geospatial solutions.

Our platform includes the following major data sources:

Satellite data

Our in-house satellite data processing helps us to update maps covering over 700 000 square kilometers each month.

Panoramic and geocoded street-level images

These images are collected by our users as well as specially-equipped vehicles.

Field crowdsourcing

Our specialists go around city districts and collect information difficult to obtain from images. For example, they will check organizations’ opening hours and building entrance locations, as well as the availability of passages through courtyards and parks.

GPS probes

They help us predict traffic conditions in real time.

Why Mappable

Choosing a mapping and geospatial solution provider can be a daunting task that requires trade-offs on budget and fulfilled requirements. That’s why we made Mappable - a highly customizable, responsive mapping and geospatial platform that provides businesses with locally relevant and up-to-date data at a competitive price.

Save up to 50% on your API map solution

Save up to 50% on your API solution

Get high-quality, high-detail solutions at a fair price. Reach out to our team to discuss our pricing conditions in more detail.

Our solutions can be customized for any task and region

Our tools can be customized for your specific task and region

Our APIs can be set up to exactly address your needs. You can brand your map, add details about your business, or track your delivery fleet. Mappable goes one step beyond and offers the opportunity to request data collection for a specific location. Our team will then improve the depth of data available for this specific location. This allows us to focus on the areas which matter the most to you.

Lightning-fast data updates for ever-changing cities

Lightning-fast data updates for ever-changing cities

We constantly update our maps to ensure an accurate representation of the real world. New businesses, roads, and interchanges go live on our maps as soon as they appear in the real world. All new data is instantly available to your business through our APIs.

18 years of expertise

7+ years of expertise in the geospatial industry

We know that the majority of businesses thrive locally and require a deep understanding of regional specifics and data granularity at the local level. We are providing mapping solutions for food-tech, delivery services, ride-hailing, and other businesses in numerous countries across the GCC, Central Asia, North Africa, and Latin America region. Let your business excel with Mappable.

Get started!

Learn more about a relevant solution for your business or reach out to our team to discuss your specific needs and opportunities. We are looking forward to hearing from you.