Request format
  ? apikey=<string>
  & ll=<float,float>
  & [spn=<float>]
  & [bbox=<float,float~float,float>]
  & [z=<integer>]
  & [size=<integer,integer>]
  & [scale=<float>]
  & [pt=<string>]
  & [pl=<string>]
  & [lang=<string>]

All params


Required parameter

The key issued in the Mappable Account.


Key activation takes up to 15 minutes.


Required parameter

Longitude and latitude of the map center in degrees, see map center.


Range of the map viewport by longitude and latitude (in degrees); see viewport.


An alternative method for setting the the map viewport.

The borders are defined as the geographical coordinates of the lower-left and upper-right corners of the area (in the order "longitude, latitude").

Record format: bbox=x1,y1~x2,y2


Map zoom level (0–21), see map zoom level.


Height and width of the requested map image (in pixels), see map size. By default, its value is 450 × 450.


Coefficient for scaling map objects. Takes a fractional value from 1.0 to 4.0. For more information, see scaling map objects.


Contains definitions of one or more markers to be displayed on the map.

Each marker definition contains its coordinates (longitude and latitude) along with information on its appearance (including style, color, size, and the marker text). Marker definitions are separated by a tilde (~).

For more information, see markers.


Contains definitions of geometric figures (polylines and polygons) to be displayed on the map.

The figure definition contains coordinates for its points, formatted as {longitude1},{latitude1},...{longitudeN},{latitudeN} or Base64, as well as information about the line color and thickness and the fill color (for polygons). Figure definitions are separated by a tilde (~).

For more information, see lines and polygons


The API can be used to display maps that are localized in various languages and reflect differences for specific countries. For example, you can display a map with captions in English and distances measured in miles.
The locale is set in RFC-3066 format using the lang parameter: lang=language_region

  • language - Two-letter language code. Specified in ISO 639-1 format. Sets the language for objects on the map (toponyms and controls).
  • region - Two-letter country code. Specified in ISO 3166-1 format. Determines regional settings, such as measurement units (for indicating distances between objects or driving speeds on a route).


For the regions RU, UA, and TR, distance is shown in kilometers. For US, distance is shown in miles.

The following locales are currently supported:

  • en_US
  • tr_TR