Map center

The center of the map image is set in the ll parameter. Its longitude and latitude (in degrees) separated by a comma are specified in the parameter. The ll parameter is used either with the spn parameter (viewport) or with the z parameter (zoom level).

The following example shows a request for a map image centered on the address: 6. Sokak, Ehlibeyt. The values of the map center and the viewport are determined using Maps (search query: 6. Sokak, Ehlibeyt, Çankaya, Ankara).,39.889847&spn=0.016457,0.00619&apikey=YOUR_API_KEY


  • If the ll parameter is not set, the Static API positions the map automatically.
  • The map center usually shows a specific object of interest (building, city, or other). To find an object's geographical coordinates by its address or name, use the Geocoder API.