Request format
  ? apikey=<string>
  & lang=<string>
  & x=<integer>
  & y=<integer>
  & z=<integer>
  & l=<string>
  & [scale=<float>]
  & [projection=<float>]

All params

All parameters except scale and projection are required.


Required parameter

The key issued in the Mappable Account.


Key activation takes up to 15 minutes.


Required parameter

Map caption language.

Record format lang=language_region, where:

  • language — Two-letter language code. Specified in ISO 639-1 format. Sets the language for displaying the names of geographical features.
  • region — Two-letter country code. Specified in ISO 3166-1 format. Determines regional settings.


Required parameter

The tile number at the X axis. How to calculate the tile number


Required parameter

The tile number at the Y axis. How to calculate the tile number


Required parameter

Map zoom level. Acceptable values: from 0 to 20.


Required parameter

The map layer type. The parameter can only take one value map


Coefficient for making the tile image larger or smaller. The parameter can take fractional values from 0.1 to 4.0:

  • if scale is less than 1.0, the image becomes smaller.
  • if scale is more than 1.0, the image becomes larger.

If you specify a value outside the valid range, the server returns an error.

The scale parameter affects both the tile size and the size of the items on the map (captions, buildings, roads,
and so on). For example, when scale=2.0, the tile is 512x512 pixels, and all the items on the map are larger.

We recommend using this parameter when displaying maps on screens with higher resolution.


Which projection to get tiles for. Available values:

  • wgs84_mercator : Get tiles for the elliptical Mercator projection (WGS 84);
  • web_mercator (default): Get tiles for the spherical Mercator projection (Web Mercator).