Geosuggest API

Geosuggest enables you to receive search result suggestions when searching for geographical objects and/or organizations.

Point coordinates

For setting point coordinates on the surface of the Earth, uses the WGS84 ellipsoid model. In the request parameters, the coordinates are set as a pair of comma-separated real numbers in the format {lon},{lat}, where

  • {lon} is the longitude in the range from −180° to +180°;
  • {lat} is the latitude in the range from −90° to +90°.

For example, the coordinates of the center of Istanbul are set as 28.978178, 41.011218.

The search area (window) on the map is a rectangle with sides parallel to the coordinate axes. It can be set in two ways, by specifying the following parameters:

  • Coordinates of the center (ll) of the window and its width and height in degrees (spn). For example, the window for Dubai can be set as ll=55.29,25.23&spn=0.5,0.3.
  • Coordinates of the bottom-left and top-right corners of the window (bbox). For example, the window for Istanbul can be set as bbox=28.8,41,28.9,42, or, alternatively, with ~ : bbox=28.8,41~28.9,42.

Map features

Since the map is drawn in the Mercator projection, the following features must be taken into consideration:

  • The closer to the pole, the greater the size distortion, so the objects at the poles can't be displayed. The map in the Mercator projection is usually limited to areas of 80-85° north and south latitude.
  • The coordinates of the center point of the search window are not equal to the arithmetic mean of the coordinates of the two opposite corners of the rectangle. For example, the window ll=37,55&spn=1,1 can be written as bbox=36.5,54.496870~37.5,55.496870but not as bbox=36.5,54.5~37.5,55.5. When expressed in degrees, this window is square, but when drawn on the map, it looks like a rectangle elongated from north to south.