MapKit Mobile SDK

About MapKit

Mappable MapKit is a cross-platform library that allows you to use the capabilities of Mappable.Maps in mobile applications for iOS and Android.

MapKit features

Use MapKit to create an app with Mappable maps for iOS and Android. Your app will be able to search for businesses and place names, plan driving and walking routes with current traffic conditions, and show traffic and panoramas on the map.

The map that you create using MapKit will stay current to show new construction, new roads and interchanges, and recently opened businesses. All the changes that are made on Mappable.Maps will also appear in your app.

List of features
  • Access Mappable maps data with the latest updates.
  • Plan a driving route that accounts for traffic.
  • Plan a walking or public transport route.
  • Show traffic on the map.
  • Get information about locations and organizations.

MapKit: lite and full

MapKit is distributed in two versions:

  • lite: Contains basic MapKit features, including working with the map, a traffic layer, offline maps (only in the paid version), LocationManager, and UserLocationLayer.
  • full: In addition to the lite features, the full version includes automobile, bicycle, and pedestrian routing, routing taking into account public transport, search, hints, geocoding, and panorama display in the app.

Using the lite version of MapKit allows you to reduce the app size.

Getting started with MapKit