Maps, Geocoder, and routes for businesses

Mappable Basics is a set of essential and affordable tools for developers and businesses. Our easy-to-use APIs and SDK based on OpenStreetMap data unlock the full power of geodata no matter the project.

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Add maps to your website, app, or CRM

You can easily show customers where they can find your offices, stores, or cafes. Whatever your locations are, they're on the map and easy to find.
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We have several solutions to choose from:

Fast-loading interactive vector maps for your site
MapKit SDK
Interactive maps for iOS and Android apps
Static API
Up-to-date static map images for social media posts, e-tickets, and e-receipts
Tiles API
Map sections for systems with limited rendering ability, all without WebGL support

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Convert coordinates into addresses and vice versa

Geocoder API transforms addresses into coordinates — and vice versa. With its help, you can standardize your address database, add objects to your map, and find coordinates with a single click.

It can also identify city zones and districts. That’s perfect for when you want to show estimated delivery fees on your site, in your app, or in your internal system.

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Simplify and validate address entry

Geosuggest API makes sure users can quickly and correctly enter organization names and addresses.

Build it into the order form on your site or in your app. Your customers will be more likely to fill it out correctly and have their items delivered to the right address.

Geosuggest is also a powerful tool for filling out standardized e-documents and forms. It comes in handy anywhere you need addresses entered fast and mistake-free.

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Build delivery routes with turn-by-turn navigation

With our Distance matrix and Route details, you can calculate and build routes around traffic, taking into account the mode of transport. Add MapKit SDK and show your couriers and drivers the best route from point to point in your app.

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Distance matrix

Calculates route lengths and durations for any departure point combination

Route details

Builds step-by-step directions between two or more points

NaviKit SDK

Supplements MapKit SDK so you can build navigation into your own app
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